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Square bullet  Case Study 3
Managing customer lists, Cross selling different range of products
bullet  The Challenge
To plan the campaign to segment the customers and offer opt-in opportunities to he new customers and allow cross selling health, and dental vision products to the customer base. The company always ran a print direct mail campaign for better customer prospecting. Though the objective still stays, the company was planning to concentrate on a customer retention program to incorporate the new customers from the new company.

BimSym eBusiness Solutions, Inc was called in to find a solution.
bullet  The Solution
With the large customer database and also to run an image campaign of the new larger firm BimSym felt that it would be better to look at web based marketing applications. Customer studies showed that US customers were going online with a vengeance and they were adopting the new rules under permission based marketing. Two, the company could project its corporate image, roll out new products and also track customer response to new products, existing portfolio of products, and customize various offers to each large customer segment.

BimSym's NewsletterOrganizer hosted email marketing and newsletter management allowed the company to segment the customers and build different audience/ customer lists. The messages were personalized as per the customer profiles, and the content was tailored to the profiles with various direct offers. The customers were cross sold the health and dental vision policies. So being from the same family allowed better margins at lower cost.

The web page was tracked for various customer behaviors. The instant response management enabled the company management to customize its marketing programs faster than competition and meet the customer expectations for better sales. The customer was also able to get a better brand experience. The image of the merged company got a boost and the customers of the merged company were favorably disposed to the new company. The new executives of the absorbed company were able to ramp up their operations quicker with this web enabled application. No training and learning is required with the application's user friendly features. The company's productivity increased significantly.
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