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Square bullet  Case Study 1
Automated Campaign! Better MFA! Shorter time and quicker response
bullet  The Challenge
The company had been struggling for years with customer communications management that was based around a paper intensive environment. Redundancy and low productivity was compounded by a high wastage factor. The entire system needed to be revamped so that a more efficient and productive marketing environment could be created. And build a higher success ratio.

An estimated 94% of US Internet users have email, accounting to 35% of the total US population as per eMarketer. Forrester Research reports email use accounts for over 35% of all time spent on the Internet and estimates that 50% of consumers will be communicating via email .In such an environment it does not make sense to work with paper based direct mailers. Since a study by Conning & Co -- "Insurance & Technology -- Leveraging the Drivers of Competitive Advantage" which showed that the average office worker maintains 20,000 pieces of paper and spends between 7-25% of the day searching for necessary information. This is compounded by the large amount of direct mailer development cost and time over-runs.

The following objectives were identified for the company: There existed a large and extensive list of existing customers. Integration of the contact data, with the hosted email marketing system. This was required for better market force automation and improved customer service. Automation of the marketing interface with the content developer and multi-functional communication tools to bring about seamless connectivity to smoothen out work and process flows. This included the integration of the email engine with the list management, campaign execution, and professional message designing, and reporting. The application thus reduces the campaign cycle.

Web-enabling of permission based email marketing needed so that conversions from sending newsletter campaigns to sales could be affected online.
bullet  The Solution
We were involved in this project from the start on a turnkey basis.

We evaluated tools in the areas of email marketing for better customer relationship management, user productivity and marketing communications. The NewsletterOrganizer was customized to the client's specification .After implementation of the applications the client was able to start work immediately because this a web based application where he needs only an internet connection and a browser. The import facility imported the contact data from existing operations to the application.

This complete solution ensures creating large customer segments or groups with similar profiles or needs. And sending them permission based professional messages for superior customer experience. Also the email management enables tracking of customer responses, personalization of message and salutations, and response management.

This leads to two major benefits of a hundred fold reduction in cost compared to printed direct mailers and the shortening of the campaign cycle from designing to execution by a tenth. In a favorable environment the customer response increased significantly compared to the number of people contacted. The core objective of a higher customer sales ensued. As a customer retention tool the email management worked as a superior tool at a very low cost, with high ROI being a web browser based hosted application.
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