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Internet Marketing
Square bullet  Case Study 2
365 days, 24x7, Affordable Insurance marketing for customer retention
bullet  The Challenge
One of the best aspects of e-mail marketing, compared to traditional marketing tactics, is how quickly it can reach your customer and make the sale. This has been dramatically illustrated by GartnerG2 research. It takes four to six weeks to complete a direct mail campaign, according to GartnerG2. Responses to direct mail take an average of three to six weeks. But here's the clincher: GartnerG2 has verified that e-mail campaigns are significantly less expensive to execute than traditional direct mail. Currently, average e-mail costs range from $5 to $7 per thousand, while direct mail costs range from $500 to $700 per thousand. It's the ideal solution-e-mail costs less and works faster than direct mail.

In such a internet enabled business environment the company would have to incorporate industry best practices for better bottom line and top line growth. To have a cost effective CRM solutions that is able to do customer management and significantly improve the marketing automation processes.
bullet  The Solution
The NewsletterOrganizer's web-enabled capabilities ensure that the client's agents and brokers are able to link up despite their geography using the internet and an internet browser. The customer is accessible to everyone through the communications tools interface at very low cost.

The interface allows email and internet form of communication with the customer. The standard e-newsletters, email marketing, mailers are available in the company for marketing communications. The other advantage is that it is done at a hundredth of the cost of a printed direct mail campaign and the campaign cycle is also one tenth the time. There is a higher response rate. The campaign can be scheduled as required and personalized for the target customer.

The different existing user environments are no obstacles to agents and brokers to access work because of the web enabled feature to connect to the host. The system has 365 days and 24/7 access and 99% uptime. The security and password features of Lead Organizer control the unapproved access to the database. The administrator is able to assign different agents different tasks and also ensures that they send similar professionally designed mailers and newsletters. This enables better customer retention and since customer acquisition costs are very high the customer retention leads to superior economics of marketing success. Don Peppers, partner with Peppers & Rodgers Group says, 'CRM is a powerful weapon in the battle to satisfy current customers and win new ones. Nothing affects consumer loyalty, or the propensity to consolidate accounts, as much as relationship-building activities.' The permission based email marketing is the ideal relationship building application.
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